[OpenTRV-interest] Manufacturing and investment

Damon Hart-Davis damon at opentrv.uk
Wed Dec 16 10:43:51 GMT 2015


Just a small note to let you know that Mark is out in China (Shenzen) getting manufacturing for our first batch of all-in-one valves tooled up.

These devices won’t be CE marked (and so cannot be sold to consumers); they are primarily intended for social housing trials this winter.

Also, we are in due diligence with Ignite, Centrica’s social impact fund, aiming for investment early next year to allow us to grow and get the pricing and scale that we have been talking about all this time!

And here is a talk I gave to a branch of the BCS yesterday for those of you wanting to see some pretty slides!


The rendering of the valve at the start of the presentation is roughly what our devices should look like.



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