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Damon Hart-Davis damon at opentrv.uk
Tue Dec 29 13:23:43 GMT 2015

So, these people think you *can* count Bluetooth devices to estimate numbers of people around...

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> Subject: Count crowds with Bluetooth Connectivity Kit
> Date: 29 December 2015 at 12:51:16 GMT

> Count crowds with Bluetooth Connectivity Kit
> If you cannot read this email properly, please click here <http://newsletter.libelium.com/l/4BZDdFAfTWsvanJCUoGqnQ/aylMCALah3mBJ9PPh892z7TQ/7x3oj8VnX5VGCgk6tzYYzg>
>  <http://newsletter.libelium.com/l/4BZDdFAfTWsvanJCUoGqnQ/o1W9WKh8smei3DRBYuvgiQ/7x3oj8VnX5VGCgk6tzYYzg>
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>  <http://newsletter.libelium.com/l/4BZDdFAfTWsvanJCUoGqnQ/Hcx5b3k892XoZiE044tU4E763Q/7x3oj8VnX5VGCgk6tzYYzg>
> Counting Bluetooth devices on New Year's Eve <http://newsletter.libelium.com/l/4BZDdFAfTWsvanJCUoGqnQ/Hcx5b3k892XoZiE044tU4E763Q/7x3oj8VnX5VGCgk6tzYYzg>                                     
> Every New Year's Eve, all around the world, millions of people get together to celebrate the last minutes in a crowded square. Times Square in New York, Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Trafalgar Square in London, Piazza dil Popolo in Rome, Champs Elysees in Paris or around Sidney Opera House.
> Previous years, in Madrid, there were up to seven persons per square meter. Authorities have restricted the access to Puerta del Sol to prevent problems with crowd movements. Bluetooth Connectivity Kit can help to count bluetooth devices to estimate the amount of people that are celebrating the end of the year around you.
> Read more <http://newsletter.libelium.com/l/4BZDdFAfTWsvanJCUoGqnQ/Hcx5b3k892XoZiE044tU4E763Q/7x3oj8VnX5VGCgk6tzYYzg>
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