[OpenTRV-interest] Programmable TRV performance

Thu Feb 19 14:34:39 GMT 2015

Is that the Rev7 board work which is in progress now? What's the status on
the adaptations of the Conrad valves towards the new radios?

I'll be installing a brand new modulating & condensing gasboiler, with
thermostatic valves in my new house, once I have the keys, being earliest

Will the Rev7 (or higher at that time) system be mature enough at that
time, say July/August timeframe, to properly support the complete install?
Taking into account the new radios, HW adaptations at the valves, efficient
modulating control of the boiler?
Is some kind of internet control in the plan for this year? I don't mind
having a RPi (or similar) partly dedicated for this if need be.

Or, should I better wait till somewhere Oct/Nov to look again at
progress/status of this project to buy the kits? Since in the summer is not
that urgent to install a very efficient heating system anyway ...


On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 6:32 PM, Damon Hart-Davis <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

> Note that, FWIW, an RFM12B is not capable of the OOK (On-Off Keying) that
> we happen to currently use, ie to talk to the Conrad valve.
> We are using the RFM23B, and sometime real soon now will move to the
> RFM69CW, though put that off a bit by buy nearly 400 of the 23Bs!
> Rgds
> Damon
> > On 16 Feb 2015, at 17:27, Tim Small <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:
> >
> > On 16/02/15 17:16, Mark Wigmore wrote:
> >> Is the split configuration available as a kit or even assembled?
> >
> > FWIW, others have retrofitted a RFM12b radio to the HR-20, and also
> > re-written to the firmware from scratch, this suggests it also works
> > with the HR-25 hardware:
> >
> >
> https://piontecsmumble.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/openhr-20-tutorial-part-0-introduction/
> >
> > No one has got this working with OpenTRV yet, but it sounds feasible I
> > think.
> >
> > Tim.
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