[OpenTRV-interest] Question from Steve R

Steve Rogerson steve.otrv at yewtc.demon.co.uk
Sun Nov 22 13:25:30 GMT 2015

I think I must have got the wrong end of the stick wrt to what this list is
about. I thought it was "open" "thermostatic radiator values". It seems to
that Evohome - good though it looks - is not open - and the "programmable
motorised trvs" (PMTRVs) that I've seen are not "open" either.

I thought that this list was about creating an open programmable trv :-(

I was hoping that there was (and I think I saw this in connection with
opentrv) a  device that could replace the standard TRV with something that
operated by a probably wireless signal that is generated by a control server
based on temperature and time. I think I can create such a beast by getting
and arduino and a servo to close and open the valve. Easy in principle though
there are several issue to overcome.  One being the price with an Arduino and
ethernet or wifi + a servo + sensor I'd be luckily to get much change out of
£50. Also it would about the size of a cricket ball and at least initially be
very fragile.

I would ideally like a servo and arduino nano + small wifi like the ESP8266,
say in a 3D printed case (I don't have a 3D printer - yet). Making it about
the size of a typical TRV.

... and it shouldn't be beyond the wit of electronics engineer to design
something a lot better, but that's where opentrv comes in - or at least that's
what I thought.


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