[OpenTRV-interest] Adaptive comfort (and stuff)

graham pitt gpitt41 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 14:08:43 BST 2016

AIUI from comments made earlier, there is no backend unless you want one.
> The TRVs themselves do all the work, and communicate (via low power
> wireless) to a relay box which you wire to the boiler.
> So when one or more TRVs signal that heat is needed, the relay box will
> turn on the boiler, and when all the TRVs are satisfied that no more heat
> is needed, the boiler turns off again.

Okay it's interesting. For me much of the value would be in having a
management hub. It gives me the main use cases I'm looking for and for me
is the real selling point of a smart Trv. Without it I expect it'll be a
bit like my current trv's when I don't monitor or adjust them and just rely
on the central thermostat.

If the system is a closed loop then how do you integrate with it? How can I
pull stats from the trv's about temperature, state, etc and push new
configuration to it from, say, a web backend? And will I be able to pull
any stats from the relay or is it not much more than a relay?


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