[OpenTRV-interest] Adaptive comfort (and stuff)

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Wed Jul 13 14:39:31 BST 2016


> On 13 Jul 2016, at 14:08, graham pitt <gpitt41 at gmail.com> wrote:
> If the system is a closed loop then how do you integrate with it? How can I pull stats from the trv's about temperature, state, etc and push new configuration to it from, say, a web backend? And will I be able to pull any stats from the relay or is it not much more than a relay?

1) At the moment the radio is one-way.  We will eventually add the back-channel (may or may not be in time for TRV2.0) have aback channel but it has to be severely constrained to avoid eating battery power).

2) As an example of stats that I pull into my Raspberry Pi, see:


3) The boiler controller generates its own stats, which is mainly just when the boiler is on/off, eg the red bars here:


We have yet to decide what to include in this offering!



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