[OpenTRV-interest] Getting hands on some valves

Roger Munford rogermunford at parussoftware.co.uk
Sat Nov 26 21:11:08 GMT 2016

I am about to receive my very first winter fuel allowance and I intend 
to use this money on energy saving.
I have a raspberry pi which I have programmed to control and monitor my 
vailliant boiler via its ebus and gives me remote control.
Living on the South coast we very rarely use the radiators upstairs and 
both my wife and I work from home and so the downstairs is heated most 
of the time.
However I would like to control the kitchen/dining room and Lounge which 
are used at different times. 4 valves would see me alright.
I would be very interested in a workshop in December.
Roger Munford

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