[OpenTRV-dev] Eurotronic products

Thu Apr 4 12:18:16 BST 2013

All very interesting...

Are you volunteering to acquire one and tear it down?  If not I'm sure one of me/Phil/Mike/Stuart would be game...



On 4 Apr 2013, at 11:04, Thomas Hood wrote:

> Eurotronic is the manufacturer (or reseller, whatever) of the SPARmatic Comet which has been mentioned on the list.
> I was just looking at the Eurotronic site and discovered that they have other products with some interesting features.
> * They sell what they call "actuators" which also have sensor, controller and bidirectional radio. 
> > The Stella F and Stella F + are available in five different designs:
> > Stella proprietary, Stella enocean, Stella KNX (RF), Stella zigbee
> > and Stella z-wave.
> The Stella F is relatively compact: 65mm x 65mm x 48mm.
> The Stella F+ variant has four AA batteries for longer battery life.
> From the fact that the Stella zigbee and the Stella z-wave are not the "Stella proprietary" I wonder if they use open protocols. Quite possibly they do, since they don't seem to be part of a larger system being offered by Eurotronic.
> * They sell a non-wireless TRV which they alternately call the "vanguard" and the "avantgarde"; it has adjustable orientation.
> * Eurotronic also has a wireless TRV system on offer, the Eurotronic SPARmatic Premium. A Eurotronic SPARmatic Premium control unit can program and control Eurotronic SPARmatic Premium TRVs wirelessly. Nothing unusual there.
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