[OpenTRV-dev] V0.2-Arduino

Sun Apr 21 23:40:19 BST 2013

Hi Damon,

Good work.

By the way, I have the capability to measure average current over long 
periods as we have a product which does this for mobile phones. Might be 
especially useful where you have very low idle consumption with 
occasional high peaks.

Occupation detection by sound is an interesting idea. Do you even need 
to go as far as an FFT?

Best Regards


On 21/04/13 19:22, Damon Hart-Davis wrote:
> FYI, I'm plodding along with this work:
> https://sourceforge.net/p/opentrv/code-0/HEAD/tree/trunk/Arduino/V0p2_Main/
> and running a simple software RTC (HH:MM:SS local time; no dates as of yet) and skeleton UI, current consumption is at the limit of my ability to measure (~1uA, 1 micro amp) without the LED flashing and when running off 2xAA NiMH.
> This is essentially a rehash of the PICAXE V0.09/V0.1 work.
> I may finally get to play with the new TMP102 temp sensor (the real board would have a TMP112 for better accuracy) tomorrow.
> Also, for giggles, I have bought a tiny microphone (ADMP401) with a view to prototyping occupancy detection by detection of voice frequencies (using one of the FFT libraries for the AVR).
> Rgds
> Damon
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