[OpenTRV-dev] V0.09 power consumption

Mon Mar 18 17:26:13 GMT 2013

Yes, a careful 3-line change (+ #ifdefs!) just knocked ~25% off consumption.  So lots of scope for improvement.



On 18 Mar 2013, at 14:01, Damon Hart-Davis wrote:

> Hi,
> Just as a point of reference, the current V0.09 design (on breadboard, some extra instrumentation and pins floating, etc) is drawing a little under 600uA at 3.6V--5V (unregulated), so about 5x the target energy budget to run for 1 year off 2x AA 2000mA NiMH hybrid cells.  Lots and lots of things would improve that; primarily a hardware SPI implementation I think.  That budget would have to include the local motor for an all-in-one implementation too. 
> I don't see it as being especially hard to reach the target consumption with a PICAXE design slightly evolved from V0.09, and I have no reason to be worried about an ATmega/Arduino solution either at this stage, assuming that it uses the same peripherals as for the putative updated PICAXE design.
> Rgds
> Damon

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