[OpenTRV-dev] Anatomy of a TRV

Thu Mar 28 09:41:09 GMT 2013

I don't think occupancy detection would work on the TRV, given the location of most TRV's

Occupancy detection isn't the easiest thing to accomplish it has long been the holy grail of home automation.


On 28 Mar 2013, at 09:37, Jack Kelly wrote:

> On the topic of IR / ultrasound:
> Any sort of occupancy detection built into the TRV would be very interesting for a future design iteration, IMHO.  IR / ultrasound / CO2 (*very* expensive!) / vibration detector (microphone with low pass filter) etc.
> In general, my hunch is that only the very geekiest folks will ever bother to explicitly program an efficient room-by-room heating schedule so anything we can do to automate the generation of a room-by-room schedule could significantly widen the appeal of the system (conditional on the system not frightening users: there's a real risk that people will worry that they're being spied on).
> (BTW, one of my MSc students will almost certainly be doing her summer project on room-by-room occupancy prediction based on PIR and individual appliance power data: not as easy as it might first appear!).

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