[OpenTRV-dev] Current rough to-do list top

Sun Oct 20 23:23:15 BST 2013

hehe... have the caliper and PCB....

but i guess you mean that you have both in your hands.... 

From: Bruno Girin 
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To: Damon Hart-Davis 
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Subject: Re: [OpenTRV-dev] Current rough to-do list top

On 20 October 2013 19:35, Damon Hart-Davis <EMAIL ADDRESS HIDDEN> wrote:

    * BOM and how to deal with LDR, LED, AVR, RFM23, reg (link?)?

    * Batteries vs USB supply count?

    * ENIG finish

    * Preallocation of initial runs to users and DHD R&D bench

    * Run numbers (20 iTEAD/Bo, 30 PMS)?

    * Box OpenSCAD/STL including fudge factors for 'overprint'.

Fudge factor won't be too difficult. I'll do that sometime during the week. For the box, the best way would be to have a box design session with a real PCB and a pair of callipers.

    * AVR/RFM RX code

    * Power-on-self-test code suitable for Bo and PMS to use also.

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