[OpenTRV-dev] FAQ 11: is it safe to do without the CRC on secure frames?

Jeremy Poulter jeremy at bigjungle.net
Sat Dec 19 23:08:07 GMT 2015

Sorry I do not know pricing, I believe it will be more than the nRF51 as I
believe they are not the 51.

On 19 December 2015 at 22:15, Tim Small <tim at buttersideup.com> wrote:

> On 19/12/15 20:07, Jeremy Poulter wrote:
> > nRF52. Think they quoted sub 10mA when TX/Rx and the sleep power was
> > ridiculously low. All that and a good CPU (ARM Cortex), floating point,
> > Bluetooth, NFC and loads of other goodies.
> Any idea what the volume pricing is likely to be?  The nRF51 (which it
> seems to be the successor to) seems to be circa £1 in bulk.
> The Arduino's environment and ecosystem has it's positives, but it
> supports ARM these days too, so it looks like switching to this would be
> win given the feature set, price etc.  Having better connectivity too
> sounds really nice.
> AVR is nice, but if I understand correctly the current generation of AVR
> is fabed on 130nm, and that nRF52 is down on a 55nm process - that
> change and the fact that it's a single chip integrated MCU and radio
> would seem to give it a serious advantage...
> Tim.
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