[OpenTRV-dev] import of openTRV stats to OEM

Jeremy Poulter jeremy at bigjungle.net
Thu Oct 15 15:15:05 BST 2015


This is an interesting one.

I would be tempted to just go for the simple case of just pushing the raw
JSON data to EmonCMS. Within EmonCMS you can assign a Human readable value
to each input which I think would be more appropriate.

Also EmonCMS has a load of processing capabilities built right in so no
real need to do that in the script.

If you keep it simple on the script/OpenTRV end it makes it easier to
replace with something low cost/low(ish) power, eg this is the perfect job
for something like an ESP-01 Wi-Fi model. Checkout
http://www.nodemcu.com/index_en.html or

Also FYI I have been looking at using Node-RED (http://nodered.org/) to
talk to do this. Probably a bit overkill for your use case but I am
creating a hub the brings in data and outputs to EmonCMS and others.


in prep for the hackathon in February (or thereabouts) we are trying to
figure a way we can import data in to Openenergymonitors Logging software

Sending the data is not that hard, its done with http calls

Getting the data, we have taken a Rev2 board and set that to just listen
for stats data and they show up on the serial port, this bit also work

The MISSING links is to grap the data, and if need be reword some of the
JSON stuff so it makes more sense in emoncms. (but that is optional)

And then send them off...

We have made a google doc with very loose thoughts


comments and ideas are welcome

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