[OpenTRV-dev] import of openTRV stats to OEM

Tim Small tim at buttersideup.com
Fri Oct 16 11:00:29 BST 2015

I've got a bit of experience with this (I'm logging some
Ciseco/WirelessThings temp+humidity sensors to EmonCMS - by extending
"EmonHUB" to support JSON sources and sinks), and I'm also developing a
custom data presentation "app" for EmonCMS at the moment).

The JSON import into EmonCMS is a little bit underused and has a few
quirks (nothing serious).

For the gateway box (i.e. the EmonHUB or whatever one), I think
something running OpenWRT might be a good idea - OpenWRT has the
advantage of supporting a very large variety of hardware (from the NSLU2
on one end up to AMD64 boxes at the other extreme, and taking in the
Raspberry Pi on the way), is well suited to embedded/headless operation,
and includes a decent Web UI framework too (LuCi).

I've also been wondering if there's something other than EmonCMS which I
should be using, and have been meaning to look into others.  These are
one ones I know about already (without having done any "extra" research):





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