[OpenTRV-dev] OEM Interop rematch in 6 months time

Damon Hart-Davis dhd at exnet.com
Sun Feb 21 12:23:23 GMT 2016

Here were some things on our wishlist for next time, probably c/o OSHUG oop narth (near where I used to go to school!):




Rematch in September.

Aim to have done:

 1) OEM Secure Frame

  * Gives OEM a secure over-the-air format.
  * Radio module neutral
  * Fits in a 64-byte frame
  * Authentication and encryption
  * Application neutral for interop
  * Runs on a microcontroller (eg ATmega328P)

 2) Interchangeable REV11 and emonTH, common design, cost reduction.

 3) Andrew Lindsay LoRa board talk to OEM.

 4) Martin Harazinov 3-relay board driven by RFduino/RFM69/BLE.

    (41mm from relay to board edge)

    Possibly also driven by a REV2/REVxxx

 5) nRF51/52 investigation.

 6) Winode 5

    Send template to OpenTRV with Apache licence.

    Drop I2CEXT V2 onto the board.

 7) 50x50 template

 8) September OSHCAMP

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