[OpenTRV-dev] Radio Conundrum

Stuart Poulton stuart at poulton.org.uk
Tue Aug 9 18:25:57 BST 2016

> On 9 Aug 2016, at 14:29, Damon Hart-Davis <dhd at exnet.com> wrote:
>> On 9 Aug 2016, at 14:27, Joseph Heenan <joseph at heenan.me.uk> wrote:
>> One thing to be aware of is that when you CE test the valve, you normally test it in a "typical" configuration. If it is expected that 90% of the users will run the valve with a radio module, you may find you need to CE test with the radio module in place - if that is what happens, you're not really saving anything.
> It is expected that the vast majority will run this product version without radio.

Radio less should allow the following

a - reduce cost
b - decrease time to market
c - increase hacakbility as you’re not tied to someone’s choice of radio.

How about this as the brains …….

http://z-uno.z-wave.me/ <http://z-uno.z-wave.me/>



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